18 Oct

Aftermarket Shock Absorbers good or bad?

In a simplest form, Aftermarket is defined as replacements part that are not made by Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). However, like Shokz, Aftermarket Shock Absorbers are commonly tuned to improve the quality of the Shock Absorbers as compared with OEM Shock Absorbers. 


1. Cheaper Aftermarket Shock Absorbers are usually cheaper than OEM Shock Absorbers, how much varies by brand. However, if the price is too good to be true, question the dealer about the quality. Shokz is a brand under APM which has become a Global Automotive Parts Manufacturer for over 40 years. Questioning us means questioning our experience of becoming a Global Automotive Parts Manufacturer.

2. QualityIn some cases, you may end up with upgrade Shock Absorbers than you started with. Aftermarket Shock Absorbers are commonly damper tuned to work the weaknesses out. Shokz Shock Absorbers are damper tuned to meet our tagline, the best of BOTH Worlds – COMFORT & STABILITY.

3. SpecificAftermarket Shock Absorbers are specially tuned commonly for a specific car model to ensure the long lasting product life span and unique driving experience of the vehicle. Shokz Shock Absorbers are based on the car model selected and has the durability of up to 60,000KM.


1. Varieties SelectionThe selections of Aftermarket Shock Absorbers are overwhelming and there’s some chances you may end up purchasing a bad quality Shock Absorbers. Consult your mechanics before you made any purchases of Aftermarket Shock Absorbers. Shokz are damper tuned by performing Objective and Subjective Evaluation which has been validated by Internal and External Parties. Which means, NO DOUBT on product reliability.

2. May not have a WarrantyDue to quality improvements of the Shock Absorbers, some Aftermarket Shock Absorbers are sold without warranty to keep the costs down. Shokz Shock Absorbers are available to make purchase in Lazada at an affordable price. Before shipment, our Quality Checkers will go through quality checking of the product to ensure Shokz Shock Absorbers are shipped to our valuable customers without ANY defects.

For your information, Shokz Shock Absorbers are available to make purchase in Lazada. Interested, you may visit our Lazada Store by clicking here

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