23 Oct

How does EQ affect your drive?

Have you encountered aggressive behaviours by drivers? Everyone has encountered that in their daily drive; sign language, flashing lights, signs telling to pull over or intentionally hurt (or kill) another driver.

These aggressive behaviours and our reaction to it indicates an individual’s EQ. Well, for starters, EQ stands for Emotional Quotient and is generally described as the ability or capacity to perceive, access and manage emotions of oneself and understanding that of others.

People often take risks that have nothing to do with their skills or their knowledge; because of their emotional condition and the situation in which they are in. For example, driving recklessly because being late for an appointment or being provoked by other drivers while driving.

However, for some, it can be their ego as well. The feeling of a lesser performance vehicle is overtaking is unacceptable. They have a sense of need to dominate someone as their pride or superiority is being challenge. This has triggered the driver to overtake the vehicle and the driver may drive recklessly to do so.
By reading this, we should have realized that the emotional state of a driver is a major concern that needs to be addressed if we want to reduce incidents or accidents on the road.The ability to identify one’s present or dominant emotional state and to understand how this impact on your driving behaviour is therefore extremely important as this can significantly contribute to reducing bad driving behaviour on our roads.

If you’re curious with your EQ, you can take a simple test to find out your EQ score.

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