22 Nov

4 Tips on What To Prepare For A Long Journey

Driving on the road for at least an hour can be draining. For us, driving while feeling tired can be risky. Here are 4 tips on what you ought to do while driving on a long journey.

1.      Entertainment

`We understand that taking a long journey can be a bit tedious. It’ll be more tedious if we are facing a long traffic jam. During a long traffic jam, it is important to have entertainment to kill your boredom. If you’re driving on a long journey with companions, we would suggest to have conversations with them. Talk about anything as long you don’t feel bored. If you’re driving alone, turn on the radio a sing along. Make sure the song is entertaining to you! However, driving with a companion or not, just try not to play with your handphone while you are driving on the road.
Source: Treehugger

2.      Sleep/Nap

We would not suggest you to think of the exhaustion during your journey but, before. If you’re planning to head off early in the morning. Get at least eight hours of sleep. If it’s in the afternoon or evening, we would propose not to do any activities which may tired your body and simply take at least 4 hours of nap.

3.      Stock Up

While driving, It is vital to ensure you are hydrated at all times. Feeling dehydrated will make you feel tired mentally. We would suggest to stock up drinking water before you head off or buy mineral waters along the way.
Source: The Mainwire

4.      Keep your vehicle in good condition

Well, our tips focus too much on the driver, we would like to remind the drivers that keeping your vehicle in a good condition is as important as well. Before you head off, make sure you make time to visit the nearby trusted vehicle workshop. Requests for the trusted workshop to inspect your vehicle and if they have advised you on what needs to be changed, do not hesitate to replace it.  If you’re facing a Shock Absorber defects, we would suggest to buy Shokz as the absorbers is enhanced to meet Comfort and Stability while driving.

According to Bloomberg Report on 20th June cited statistics from World Health Organization (WHO) stating that Malaysia is among the emerging countries with the riskiest roads after Thailand and South Africa. Hence, we would like to take this opportunity to wish all the drivers to drive safe no matter it is a long or short journey! 

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